Linux Tribes 2 Client Port in Development

September 29th, 2000 by Crusader

Despite the delay (thanks Hex) whichSierra announced earlier this week, Dynamix has confirmed what Dave Georgeson hinted at previously: Tribes 2,a sci-fi multiplayer team-oriented FPS, will have both a Linux client and dedicated server,being developed by Loki Entertainment Software.Thanks to {SiR}Mojo_Tooth for forwarding the current edition of the Tribes 2 newsletter(Tribes 2 Beacon) whichmade the revelation:

Q: Will there be Linux support ?

A: You bet. By popular demand, we’ve contracted with Loki, a companythat has done many Linux conversions for other games. The server code isnearly done and they are making great progress on the client code (whichwill ship separately from the regular game). The server code will shipwithin the regular retail box.

Furthermore, the delay will likely allow for a simultaneous Linux and Win32 release, giving the Linux gaming community a second chance to make their presence known this holiday shopping season.

17 Responses to “Linux Tribes 2 Client Port in Development”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    nerf, SPX?

  2. NeoTron Says:

    Need I really say more? Tribes 2 was a game I would have bought for W*ndows. Now I don’t have to! Rejoice!

  3. Dweebs Says:

    I am very happy about this port. Now, lets all email for DukeNukem4 to ship for Linux. If we continue to pester for this I think it can happen. Hint to 3DRealms: contract out to Loki–please!!![br][br]


  4. Svartalf Says:

    Well, I [u]did[/u] say that I wasn’t going to buy it unless it had a Linux client. Guess I’ll be buying it afterall.

  5. Bad_CRC Says:


    Buy the linux version. Q3 sales sucked, if T2 sales suck, we will see this trend reversing.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Dave Georgeson, you and the Tribes 2 team r0XX0R5! I had already bought Heavy Gear 2, Descent 3, and CIV:CTP for Windows long before the Linux client ports came out. I’m not going to buy the game twice…you guys make it so that I don’t have to. You just added another customer!

  7. EvilBill Says:

    This is so cool. Of course now I will have to purchase a better video card and CPU. ;-)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Exactly the news I’d been hoping for.[br]
    Every loki game I have is excellent and Tribes is the greatest game I’ve played so this is just perfect.[br]
    Big thanks to those involved!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Hopefully this port will be successful, One the reasons why Im going to buy this game is becuase hopefully the sales numbers will encourage Sierra to let Loki port more games like Team Fortress 2!!!

  10. crudman Says:

    Wow, this has got to be one of those rare occasions where Sierra/Dynamix are to be congratulated. Man, didn’t see that one coming. Woo!

    (re: Duke Nukem Forever port)
    Hey, hell hasn’t frozen over yet, give it some time. :)

  11. bakiller Says:

    That is so cool…I was so happy that tribes 2 was getting ported was no we dont have the time..Now LOKI is going to do it!!!! What Great news!!! That made my day!

  12. StatiC Says:

    Hats off to loki and Dynamix! Think ill buy two(finally convert a friend from tribes 1 to linux :).[br][br]


  13. MyAss Says:

    Alright! Thanks guys!

  14. Starbuck Zero Says:

    I say everyone that can buy this game just to show much me we support Loki software and what they are doing. I would like to see TF2 on Linux but we have to show Sierra and Dynamix that we are not just servers and that we would like to see a port of not just one or two but all their games.

  15. Tcide Says:

    This may be the port to make or break Linux as a gaming platform… please!!! get as many people as you can to buy the linux version… If all goes well, this could be the beginning of a new era for us Linux gamers.. Q3 did have terrible sales figures, but at the time it shipped, choice in 3d hardware/drivers was very limited.. now that us Nvidia owners have 3d drivers that KICK ASS, we can play these games too… Anyone who would like to play this game and others with NVIDIA cards and needs help with driver/Xfree installation, I have experience installing these drivers under many distros.. put up a post and I should be able to help… LATERZ…

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I gave up Windows a year ago, and had to abandon my favorite game: Tribes. I’ve waited all this time, hoping and praying that Tribes 2 would be ported, and… *sniff* I think I’m gonna cry, it’s just so beautiful…..


  17. Anonymous Says:

    The only reason I still run windows is so I can play tribes!!!!!! I will be the first in line to be buying the LINUX version of Tribes 2.. I haven’t been to this site in a while, and just found out about Tribes (sob…sob..). I’m just soo happy sob…sob………….

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