Flight Gear 0.7.5

September 25th, 2000 by TimeDoctor

The Flight Gear crew recently released version 0.7.5 of their simulator. Changes:

  • Aircraft now starts at end of runway closest to desired heading.
  • Runways now have accurate markings.
  • Addition of a completely reconfigurable instrument panel.
  • Tons of panel tweaks and fixes. Gyro now drifts, relocated whisky compass, skid ball moves in the right direction, etc.
  • Updates and tweaks to network multiplayer code.
  • Tweaks to ground steering sensitivity.
  • Updates to the UIUC flightmodel and icing research code.
  • Fixed the sound problem in the previous version.
  • Current scenery normal is now available for use.
  • Current load queue size is now available for use.
  • Added a configure time check for proper simgear version.
  • Explicitely link in -lpthread if it exists.
  • Fixed a couple namespace problems.
  • MacOS and MSVC tweaks.
  • Renamed JSBsim to JSBSim
  • Added support in the material library for non-repeating textures.
Flight Gear 0.7.5 download:

One Response to “Flight Gear 0.7.5”

  1. sracer9 Says:

    I tried compiling this and getting it to work with my TNT card. Older versions would work with TNT using XF 3.3.x This version segfaults at the very end just as the plane fires up on the runway. Also, it requires GLU and glut which might be at least part of the problem. I do have them, but they’re from a version of mesa which doesn’t exist on my machine since updating to XF 4.01 etc.. Running 0.9-4 Nvidia drivers with TNT card. Q3 works great, Unreal works [i]kinda[/i].

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