Creative Buys Aureal

September 22nd, 2000 by Alkini

After many rumors have come and gone regarding the fate of the bankruptAureal, it has finally been announced thatCreative will be purchasing all of Aureal’s remaining assets. The price is set at US$28 million plus roughly 200,000shares of Creative stock.Along with Aureal’s audio technologies, the Aureal Linux Drivers will also be changinghands. The full Aureal press release is available at Yahoo! Finance.

4 Responses to “Creative Buys Aureal”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What the hell does Creative want with Aureal now?? Is the master plan that they integrate their EAX technology with A3D, bring out another sound card and charge consumers a whole heap of cash on it. The best case scenario is that they do linux and windows drivers and open source them I guess. But I still thing there are gonna merge the technology and bring out another sound card with the combined technological power

  2. druiid Says:

    I see this as a good thing. The Aureal chipsets are in quite a few ways much better than the EMU10k-1 (the current chipset in use on the soundblaster live). The true hardware 3d sound in use by Aureal can only make a better soundcard in the end. Also, creative to this point has been very good to the opensource community. Hopefully will see the same with the aureal chipsets.

  3. bakiller Says:

    I think it is great that Creative had bought aureal because now they can integrate all the features into one great card but on the other hand doesnt creative now have a monopoly of the sound card market?? they are the only ones left that make 3d sound cards and they most now have like 95% of the market

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Creative usually also does a couple good things for each bad one. I heard they refused to go to cebit due to cebit preventing any mp3 related deviced being shown. However it’s also ironic that the people who brought about the downfall of aureal one day, ressurect it the next.

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