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September 21st, 2000 by Crusader
  • The “pimp”-fluent crew at Voodoo Extremehas posted the second and third segments of their interview withid Software’s John Carmack, which, as stated before,includes questions from Carmack’s comrades in the FPS industry. Among the myriad of topicscovered are the rationale behind Doom’s single-player focus, 3D visibility algorithms(a side note: Carmack elaborated on Unreal’s method on Slashdot, which prompteda response from Tim Sweeney at Evil Avatar), what will be required from 3D cards when Doom ships (and how the current generation comparesto the hypothetical übercard), C++ and the Doom renderer, DoomTest (“We will probably try to have a test for the next product much closer to full beta time. Don’t hold your breath.”), acrack-addled question from CliffyB, sound enhancements from Graeme Devine, id’s future and game content versus engine technology, and the insanity inherent in the modern US Patent and Trademark Office.

  • To re-launch Q3A @ Stomped, JCal conducted a brief interview with Grame Devine, who discusses his work on Q3A, Quake’s legacy, his favorite mod (Action Quake, which I’m starting to play again aftera two year hiatus), and the upcoming Team Arena Q3A expansion pack.
  • Finally, Linguica received a shortlist ofinformation from id’s Xian “Disruptor” Antkow (with help from Lowtax) concerning the next Doom game.

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