Black and White Delay ; Linux/Source Update

September 21st, 2000 by Crusader

Well-Rounded Entertainment reported earlierthat Lionhead’s publisher forBlack and White,Electronic Arts, confirmed that the titlewould be delayed until the spring of next year. Yesterday, Peter Molyneux and otherdevelopers from Lionhead participated in a chat held by BarrysWorld to answer questions related to thedelay; I was able to attend to log the following relevant quotes (as the chat degeneratedinto barely-controlled chaos as time wore on):

<Muad-dib> Is been stated in the past that all source for B&W would be opened up to thepublic, it was later said that the source would only be realed if certian sales target where met, is this still the case or are we going to have to wait months after the realse for the source untilyou are happy that every1 who was going to buy a copy has? Also what license restrictionswould be placed on the source and game data (models etc? )
<PeterM> ->Muad-dib: It is my intention to make B&W all open source, with a few tecnicalengine details kept back.

<_o_> is the linux port still going ahead?
<[LH]Jamie-UK> _o_ : I already told you. No deals have been made with any conversion houses, yet

The first reply doesn’t provide many more details on the B&W source release, but the second would seem to indicate Lionhead does not intend to make the Linux version an in-house port… whether this was always the case or was decided due to the factors which created the 2001 delay is unknown.

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