Tribes 2 Shots @ IGN

September 19th, 2000 by Crusader has posted three new screenshots from Dynamix’s upcoming sci-fi multiplayer FPS Tribes 2. There’s also the second portion ofa fictional story set in the Tribes universe entitled Prophecy of Tears. A Linux dedicated server for T2 will likely be released; in addition, a client port may see the light of day as well.

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  1. Svartalf Says:

    Won’t be seeing me running a server without a client. (Especially not after I’ve gone to all the trouble I have so far making the RagePRO and now the G400 stable under Utah-GLX! PPC Utah-GLX support coming real soon!)

  2. StatiC Says:

    I was really into Tribes before switching 100% to Linux. I now spend most of my time in Quake3 or Descent3(Thanks Loki!) since I don’t like running any games under wine. If Tribes 2 were released for Linux, I would switch to that in an instant. Tribes rocks for multiplayer, so I know Tribes 2 will too.

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