Matrox XFree86 4.0.1 Drivers v1.00.01

August 31st, 2000 by Crusader

Matrox has released theirversion 1.00.01 drivers for XFree864.0.1. These drivers support the G200, G400, and G450 chipsets, and seem to addofficial 3D acceleration support through the DirectRendering Infrastructure, which the previous driver release lacked. TheREADME can be found here; and please remember that this is a beta release. Thanks to Jason Weaver for the heads up.

Matrox XFree86 4 Beta Drivers Version 1.00.01:

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  1. pwk Says:

    Coool !
    Now I can do all the q3sdk map editing with a decent 3d window!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Whats your guys first pick? NVidia, Matrix or 3dfx?

  3. Svartalf Says:

    Matrox, 3DfX, and ATI- in that order.

    Matrox, because of the visual quality and overall speed.
    3DfX, because of the overall speed.
    ATI, because RagePRO just simply works for most everything and the Radeon will rock. (And with it, they’re leaping to first if it’s as good as it looks…)

    All of them are choices due to them being Open Sourced with a willingness to release programming details to any truly interested party.

    NVidia’s NOT a choice- because of being a corporate bully and being utterly closed.

  4. v0id Says:

    i bought a g400 DH a few weeks ago and i have to say: IT ROX. the quality of the picture is amazing. The DRI speed is good and i never got any hangs in hours of playing q3 :) G400 is not a speed monster like the GForce cards with theire GPU but for the price its great and dual head rox :)

  5. Dodger_ Says:

    How does this driver compare to the Matrox G400 DRI driver that Keith W. and company from Utah GLX are working on? I’ve wanted to upgrade to XFree86 4.0 but I’ve heard that driver is really unstable and was wondering about this one.[br][br]Dodger_

  6. Coverfire Says:

    Currently I use a Matrox Millennium PCI and a G200 AGP in my system. The mga.o driver that comes with XFree 4.0.1 supports both of these chipsets. What will happen if I use this driver? Will I lose support for the older card?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I’m currently running XFree 4.0.1 on a G400 using the drm module from linux2.4.0-test7… it hangs sometimes, but is quite fast. Is this driver better/more stable?
    (I’m going to find out myself soon… just wondering if anybody here already tried…)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    tar: Archive contains future timestamp 2001-01-28 22:08:06

    Did those Matrox guys use a time-machine to bring back drivers from the future? :))

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