BUILD 08292000 Snapshot

August 29th, 2000 by Alkini

Ryan “icculus” Gordon has released a new source code snapshot of his BUILD engine port. Most importatntly, 3d functionality in this version is nearly flawless (screenshots 1, 2, 3). Many thanks go out to Nicholas “mordred” Vining who stepped through the DOS assebly code while Ryan stepped through the port. Eventually they found misassembled opcodes, thus leading to working 3d. This morning Ryan summed up his feelings rather well in two simple lines

<icculus> IT’S WORKING!

BUILD source snapshot: BUILD-engine-08292000.tar.bz2

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  1. jvmatthe Says:

    Jeez…I realize that Duke Nukem 3D is old and all that. But you’d think someone would post here how cool it was that the BUILD engine is working. [br]
    I’ll say it: COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL![br]

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