August 28th, 2000 by Crusader

Items missed when I was AWOL:

  • Several people pointed out that one could utilize a CVS snapshot fromthe DRI project to add 3D accelerationsupport under XFree86 4.0.1 forMatrox card owners, as their current beta driverscurrently lack official 3D support. Please note that as the DRI source code is currentlyunder heavy development, performance and stability is not likely to be optimalat this time.

  • Trae McComb has additional shots from the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo which took place earlier this month, including some from Loki’s booth (Andy Mecham, Scott Draeker, the infamous flight chair).
  • Hans de Goede of xmame fame wrote in to note that he’s moved his personal page (which includes a Linux Game Boyemulator, VGB, anda System 16 emulator) to, so be sure to update your bookmarks.
  • has posted two articles in recent days: one on Slashem, an enhanced version of the classic dungeon adventure game Nethack (Slashem homepage), and a response to Carmack’s statements at QuakeCon that Q3A’s Linux sales were much lower than expected.
  • Jorrit Tyberghein of the Crystal Space 3D engine project has published an overview of the methodology utilized in their effort: “Building Modular Applications: The Crystal Space Framework“.
  • SoF Center has a guide up which relates the released information for the upcoming (and free) Soldier of Fortune add-on SoF: Gold, which includes new gameplay modes and bot-support.
  • Stomped interviewed id AI guru Jan Paul “Mr. Elusive” van Waveren earlier this month regarding his pre-Q3 bot work, Q3 and Team Arena’s bot intelligence, and brief mention of what may be featured for the next Doom game’s monster AI.
  • Chick’s Hardware has an interview with Red Hat chairman Bob Young, in which he states:
    Linux has always been very popular as a server-based platform for playing multi-user games like Doom and Quake. Projects like Indrema’s will help accelerate the use of Linux in the gaming market.

  • Finally, Linus Torvalds himself recently weighed in with his opinion in the Wall Street Journal (thanks Slashdot) on when Linux will be viable as a consumer (and, consequently, a general gaming platform) OS (five to ten years).

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