XRally 1.0.pre4

August 27th, 2000 by Alkini

Version 1.0pre4 of the overhead 2D racer XRally has been released. Thisversion is the second-to-last prerelease version before a 1.0 version is released. Ismael Orenstein wrote to the XRally mailing list and pointed out abug that shows up if you don’t enable the sound support, so be aware of thatbefore you give this version a shot. Changes in 1.0pre4 include:

  • put the Claudio and the Mirax levels together as the “Classic Level”
  • added support for pits. Pits are obstacles, like oil, rocks, roadblocks, etc. If your car go to a pit, you lose.
  • don’t allow empty names on hiscore anymore (and allows to quit in the hiscore screen)
  • enemy waits some time before moving (enemywait map option)
  • new carai argument: -1. The player can’t control his car anymore (good for animations)
  • lots of changes in the main game loop. Should increase performance, and now the game doesn’t need to be launched again just to choose another level
  • fixed some bugs in the delay functions. Should slow things down when running on very fast machines
  • added a “Runner” level, which implements a Sokoban (or KAtomic) style of playing. (it is here more like a proof of concept than anything else)
  • some minor bugfixes
  • removed “leo” tileset

XRally 1.0.pre4 source: xrally-1.0.pre4.tar.bz2

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