Linux UT Software Rendering Shots

August 24th, 2000 by Crusader

For those of you without supported 3D accelerator cards in Linux, Loki’s Andrew Henderson let us know that he’s working on the software renderer for Unreal Tournament, which may make it into the next patch, and has posted some screenshots of it in action:

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  1. stratele Says:

    Thanks! It is about time. We have all been waiting for this. Please post that ASAFP! We are waiting…and waiting.

    Hornbeck’s Linux Mortuary, a 413 server for your Penguin UT needs. You shoot ‘em, we slab ‘em.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Congratulations to AlKini for getting engaged!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Another day, another Linux gaming announcement, another victory! Andrew, you and Loki kick a$$! Thanks!

  4. kNIGits Says:

    A rather sad 15fps… this isn’t Loki’s fault though.
    Remember back in the good old days of gaming, when “3d” games (like Doom and Duke3d) ran without any dedicated 3d hardware, at a decent frame rate? I bet there are those out there wishing for that goodness nowadays, particularly those who have cards like Savage3d’s.
    Of course, I have a GeForce DDR, and get loverly fps, but sometimes I still pine after the good old days…when graphics weren’t everything, and gameplay was.

  5. Starbuck Zero Says:

    I know how it is, it’s good that Loki is making it so people without the 3D hardware to play the game too. I have a Geforce 2, but I still think about all the other people and not myself. I guess it’s like that when you are a programmer. The company I work for we try to give people the best we can, but will still have to go by what kinda computer the user as before we start developing.

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