Initial Savage 3D Support

August 22nd, 2000 by Crusader

Dominik Behr wrote in to the Utah-GLX mailing list last week to announce that he’s addedpreliminary support for the Savage 3D chipsetto the project’s source tree. Dominik also made the following caveats:

It runs QuakeForge 0.1.1 with decent framerateand Quake3Arena in 320×240 window at barely playable framerateon my Cel 300A @450MHz 64MB Slackware 7.0 machine.

There is no direct rendering (yet).There are lots of bugs.

Thankts to the Utah-GLX team for their continued efforts to improve Linux 3D support; hopefully it won’tbe too long before the driver is in releasable state :).

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    The S3 Savage 3D, Savage 4 and Savage 2000 are chipset
    used on a wide range of cards by long time, with a
    great performances for the that price.
    Why is so difficult to obtain more info from S3/VIA?
    Why S3/VIA does not relaese the specs of their products?
    Why the MeTaL libraries are still closed sources?

    I’d like to use my Savage 4 card to play Quake 3 and UT,
    but I think I’m going to buy a Voodoo 5, when actually
    I have to use my old, recycled Voodoo 2 card.

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