August 14th, 2000 by Crusader
  • Indrema sent in word that they’ll beannouncing partnerships with partnerships with RedHat, CollabNet, and Linuxcarethis week, which should hopefully shed some light on this particular venture.

  • Miguel Angel Blanch of the Arianne RPGproject wrote in to note that they will be releasing a beta in one to two months;further information is available here
  • Version 1.3 (for dedicated servers) of Rocket Arena: Q3A is now available; changes:
    • Fixed Physics (for real!) same as baseq3 now
    • Fixed missing rails/rocket explosions
    • In competition mode teams must be even before the round starts
    • In competition mode players must “ready up” before round 1 starts
    • Timelimit waits until the current clan arena match in progress is done
    • Level changes after 30 sec if no one hits ready on timelimit

    The server patch is can be downloaded from FilePlanet.

  • Natas of the Altered God projectlet us know that they’ve released a screenshot, which seems to indicate that it will utilize an overheadisometric view of a tile-based game world.
  • Ragnarok’s Kazi Wrenfired in notice that they’ve posted two new character shots from the UT engine-based game (which Human Head has stated will be ported to Linux at some point).
  • Rainer Deyke wrote in to the SDL mailing list to announce the release of Zynx 1.1, a Pac-Man clone (source).
  • Daniel Leonard has released a new version of bzworld, a Java-based editor for the multiplayer tank game BZFlag, which includes bugfixes and a working popup menu.
  • PC.IGN has posted its review of Vicarious Visions’ Terminus, one of the few hybrid CD games available with Linux support.

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