Elite 4 for Linux?

August 2nd, 2000 by Crusader

The Elite 4 FAQ page onFrontier Developments’ site states thatLinux is an OS target candidate under consideration for development. Elite 4 will be a sequel to the classicspace RPG/simulation Elite (similar to the currently available Terminus), and is being planned as a multi-staged release beginningin approximately 2002. Thanks toJoshua Venter for the news.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    My dreams will come true if the possibility of a Linux port becomes a reality. Elite series games are just so huge, you can play them forever it seems. The gameplay areas are enormous and the games portray they very well. I really miss playing Frontier Elite2 since I switched to Linux.

    I wonder if Frontier development would open source elite1 or 2. I would pay big money to even play elite2 in Linux.

  2. jameson Says:

    AFAIK, they’re not going to release any of these as free software (wouldn’t make too much sense anyway, as Elite and Frontier were written assembly language exclusively (!)). Frontier: First Encounters (plain C) may be made available for porting and enhancing eventually (within the next two or three months); have a look at for the details.
    Unfortunately, people wanting to work on it will have to sign an NDA, and releases will be binary-only.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I remember playing Frontier Elite, and even First Encounters for a hell of a long time, both were excellent, love to see the lattest version on the linux platform. multiplayer online would be especially cool >:)

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