Worldforge Acorn Demo 0.1

July 31st, 2000 by Crusader

Alistair Riddoch wrote in to announce the release ofthe WorldForge project’sAcorn Demo version 0.1. Therequired media and source code is available at

Alistair also pointed the installation and player’sguides; you can view a screenshot of the current uclient here.

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  1. mrossbrown Says:

    Where are the servers? After a *painful* installation of the buggy client, I search the site to find that there are no public running servers. So I decide to run one locally to test out the “cool” client, but wait! Where is the damn cyphesis python server??? The first 2 mirrors don’t got it, and the Austrailian mirror won’t let you do an ls. Looks like cut-and-dry vaporware here, don’t waste your time (be thankful I did :P).


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