July 30th, 2000 by Crusader
  • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin sent in anupdate concerning the Arianne RPG’spoll to determinethe project’s logo. Furthermore, Miguel states they are on track to releaseversion 1.0.0 sometime in August.

  • Patrick Mullen let us know thatthe Duke of URL has posted areviewof Yet Another Linux Distribution, Kondara.
  • Ingo Ruhnke fired in notice ofan extensive articleon general game design by Eskil Steenberg. The piece, titled “Balance”, examinesthe mechanics of game design at several levels, and includes this intriguingcomment:
    Starting at zero one has to ask why do we play games? If we dont know that, can we really build any good games? The answer is simple: Reality sucks. and to make a game is simply to take reality and remove everything that sucks.

  • Slashdot posted a discussion on the future of the non-action 3D FPS.

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