Soldier of Fortune 1.05 Patch

July 28th, 2000 by Crusader

Loki Entertainment Software has releasedthe version 1.05 patch for Raven’s mercenaryaction game Soldier of Fortune.Changes include:

  • Respect gl_ext_multitexture
  • Protocol compatible with v1.05 Windows client
  • Pure Server option added
  • Auto-downloading fixed
  • Audio stuttering between levels fixed
  • Audio volume tweaks

Moreover, the READMEincludes the following warning:

This patch breaks compatibility with v1.04 password files. You areadvised to remove your previous password file and set your parentalcontrol settings again. The password file is located at~/.loki/sof/password.

Old save games and demos are incompatible with this patch.

Soldier of Fortune 1.05 Download:


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