Qstat Q3A Browsing Fix

July 28th, 2000 by Crusader

PlanetQuake – Linux hasposted a work-around for the console FPS server browserQstat(which is also the back-end for GUI server browsers such asXQF):

In qstat.h line 265, change the ‘4’, ‘3’, to ‘4’, ‘5’ and it finds all of the 2000+ servers

The current Qstat source release (version 2.3g, without the fix) is available from

A patchfile for Qstat 2.3g is also available from 3D Downloads; if you’re unsure on how to apply a patch, copy the file into your Qstat source directoy, then run:

patch –verbose qstat.h patch-qstat23g

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  1. icepick Says:

    I often get a segfault about half way thru updating servers while using qstat thru xqf. When run in GDB the problem doesn’t come up, probably because I can’t figure out what options qstat is using to replicate this in gdb. Anyone else have this problem?

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