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July 26th, 2000 by Crusader
  • Version 1.2 of the multi-game Doom-engine project Vavoom has been released; changes include:
    • Some structures are replaced with C++ classes, which makes coding easier.
    • Functions, that takes most of the execution time (R_DrawColumn, R_DrawSpan andRunFunction) now are in assembler (DOS and LINUX versions only).
    • Improved dehacked support. Now it handles everything, that it can. It is also added to makeinfo utility, which means that now you can create PROGS with changes of dehacked patch.
    • Removed some command line params (-playdemo, -record, -width, -height, ..). Most ofthem are replaced with console commands that can be specified in command line byadding + before them (like in Quake).
    • Some bug fixes.

    Vavoom 1.2 Download:

  • A new source snapshot of XDoom has been released by Udo Munk; changes include:
    • Lots more of the Boom extended linedefs implemented.
    • Linux PPC is working now under X, full screen console; graphics still needs work.
    • Documentation work.

    XDoom 20000723:

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