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July 26th, 2000 by Crusader
  • Raven Software updated theStar Trek Voyager: Elite Forcesite’s FAQ to addressthe question of Linux support:
    31) Will Elite Force be released for other platforms? Mac? Linux? PSX II? DreamCast?

    At this time, nothing has been officially announced. The Macintosh port is in the contract stagesright now. We have every intention of outsourcing a Mac port because of the portability of the Quake III engine. Expect an announcement when the deal is finalized. Other versions of the game including Linux, PlayStation II and DreamCast are entirely dependent on the success of the game in the PC market. Financial wisdom suggests that waiting to see that the game is well received and selling well is a logical step before charging into multiple contracts and serious financial commitments. If the game is financially successful and shows signs of a solid launch, the likelihood of ports to other platforms increases exponentially. Keep an eye on your local gaming news site for announcements after Elite Force Retail launches.

  • Jedi sent in noticethat the Linux version of Soldier ofFortune has begun shipping from Tux Games;the complete list of Loki resellers and retailers is availablehere.
  • The Shack has posted twoscreenshots from SoF Gold, the free multiplayer add-on (including more maps, mods, and bot support) which will be released by Loki to enhance SoF’s feature set.

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