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July 22nd, 2000 by Crusader

Joseph Elwell forwarded a responsefrom Loki’s Kayt Sorhaindo, whichreiteratesBlizzard’sreticence to commit to the Linux platform:

We would love to port Diablo II and other Blizzardtitles, butBlizzard has taken a “wait and see” approach to Linuxgaming –If we can prove the market for Linux games is therewith the sales numbers for our current titles,then they’ll talk with us.

We hope you’ll be happy with our upcomingannouncements.We plan 16 titles this year, including Heavy Gear II,Soldier of Fortune,SimCity 3000 Unlimited, Descent 3, MindRover and SidMeier’s AlphaCentauri!

Further clarification was provided by Blizzard’s Andrea Pessino during an IRCchat withVoodoo Extreme concerning Warcraft III:

(PhaseBurn) =Incognito= question: has the Linux port status of Warcraft III already been determined (i.e., no port will be considered such as with Diablo 2), or is Blizzard still examining the potential of the Linux gaming market?

(Andrea[BlizzardEnt]) there are no plans for linux versions of any of our games at this time

(PhaseBurn) and if I may add on to that, why doesn’t Blizzard consider the gaming market for linux?

(Andrea[BlizzardEnt]) well.. I am not sure, but I believe the gaming market for linux is still its infancy

(Andrea[BlizzardEnt]) IN its infancy..

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  1. neeKlamy Says:

    Loki haven’t really been around that along – and they still are just about the only publisher/developer in the Linux market.

    What’s the answer? buy the games!
    Now I’ll admit that i haven’t bought a single Linux game yet, but that’s mainly been due to lack of choice (haven’t bought any Window’s games either by-the-way).

    Sim City 3000 will probably be the first title to tempt me.

    Go buy!

  2. Starbuck Zero Says:

    My friend don’t want to make the jump because he want more Puzzle like games. Only one I see is Sim City 3000…I’m looking into getting that my self. Besides if I can see more C&C type games I’ll be happy. I don’t play them type I like FPS but I like to think of all the other people that like to run Linux too.

  3. MrBrown Says:

    Come on! This cant be for real. I love Blizzard’s games, they all rock, no exceptions. But I cant believe they need more proof on the fact that thier games will be successfull in linux. I dont wanna know how much profit they made with DII. But there really should be a little bit left to pay loki. God, your gonna get your money back easy. I mean if a game like heavy gear makes profit, how can diablo II not make any money?

  4. Algae Says:

    There must be roughly the same number of Linux gamers as Mac gamers, I would think by now. And if most of the Linux gamers aren’t buying Blizzard games, that must be thousands of copies they could still sell, and that is huge profit they are missing out on.

  5. bakiller Says:

    All i can say is that I hope they start wising up very quickly because I KNOW that if a warcraft 3 port was done AT THE SAME TIME and realased AT THE SAME TIME as the windows one it would sell VERY well for linux…but if you want 8 months to do the port then no most people will have already bought it and not want to pay for it again

  6. parastie Says:

    Ok guys here’s the deal, i know alot of your linux programmers out there are really good hackers, so how about showing blizzard how strong the linux gaming community is? Port Diablo, Starcraft, or any Blizzard game to linux, and post the hack on the net! If the hits are high, Blizzard will think twice about leaving linux gamers outa the look, Hey IDsoftware went linux after some ports were made, and q3 is now selling for linux, just ask them!

  7. Crusader Says:

    parastie, that is a horribly *bad* idea. I can’t stress that enough. Pissing the game industry off and giving the world the impression that the Linux community is a group of outlaws will only hurt the chances of Blizzard, or any other company, porting their work, which cost them time and money, to Linux.

  8. neeKlamy Says:

    But it has been done, FreeCraft ( (previously known as Ale Clone). Is a clone of Warcraft 2 that let’s you use Blizzard’s original game’s data.

  9. Starbuck Zero Says:

    I will but I only would like to buy games that I like. Having StarCraft on Linux with Battle Net will sale, samething with WarCaft 2 and 3. I just don’t want to have to buy other Loki games for them to say…Okay we’ll port it over. Besides if I didn’t get the Windows verison of the game then I will by the Linux verison. I could wait you know…I did for SOF and I will for Descent 3, but not the long.

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