Terminus 1.5

July 17th, 2000 by Crusader

The version 1.5 patch for Vicarious Visions’ space-sim/RPG Terminus has been released; changes include:

  • Fixed ending cutscene crash in multiplayer
  • Removed unnecessary military contract window
  • Fixed crash when starting game with invalid ship
  • Fixed overwriting invalid save games
  • Fixed adding gadgets to canisters
  • Fixed cargo scooping canisters with ammo
  • NPCs no longer post strike contracts on bases
  • Fixed /target command
  • Fixed issues with damaged fuel and energy systemsin cargo bay
  • Fixed erroreous password mismatches in multiplayergames
  • Fixed round switching for in-game dedicatedservers hosting melee games
  • Automatically switches current weapon when it issold or moved
  • Removes stored ships when abandoning savedmultiplayer game
  • Added ship cost display when selling a ship
  • Displays stored ships at Asteroid Outpost inPersonal Info
  • Fixed ship scrollbar in Personal Info
  • Fixed frequency types when restoring save game
  • Fixed obscure memory leak
  • Fixed bug where ignoring players ignores one-liners
  • Fixed acknowledge page button
  • Modified comm text delay
  • Prevent empty comm messages from sending
  • Various script fixes
  • Added code to workaround future NPC ID AlreadyIn Use messages
  • Fixed duplicate ship names and NPC names
  • Fixed several spelling errors
  • Support over 2GB of memory
  • Fixed server disconnecting in multiplayer games
  • Fixed address already in use bug on servers

Terminus Retail to 1.5 Patch Download:

Vicarious Visions
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Terminus 1.4 to 1.5 Patch Download:

Vicarious Visions
3D Downloads

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