Terminus Consumer Alert

July 13th, 2000 by Crusader

JEDI fired in this warning concerningthe shipping of Vicarious Visions’ Linux space simTerminus:

I just got my copy of Terminus and it’s rather battered.

First, TuxGames insists on being skimpy on their packaging.

Add to this the fact that the Terminus box has NOTHING insideto help it structurally (like the usual brown corrugated cardboard)and the the result is somewhat inevitable.

Plus, that goofy little CD folder allows the CD’s themselves to movearound every which way. Vicarious Visions should have QA’ed their box.

….can’t comment on the game yet, still futzing around with Xfree 4.01gettingit running…

BTW, I’ve had games come from France (Hopkins FBI) and Australia (UT)less damaged.

I can vouch for the sleeve complaint… the way the CDs are constantly falling out is rather annoying :/.

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  1. JamesHills2 Says:

    I have had the same exact problem. The review copy I received was smashed and looked like it had been run over by the FedEx truck that delivered it or at very least was at the bottom of a pile of other boxes. Actually, unlike other companies it wasn’t even delivered FedEx. It was delivered in a tyvec envelope priority mail from the USPS. They didn’t even bother to put it in a box that may have helped it survive (there would have been no extra costs).

    Over all, the experience I had when I received it was very poor, and I agree with your statements. Just wanted to let you know you are not alone :)

  2. pjmit28 Says:

    I got a pretty beat up box myself, and it was the only copy the Electronics Botique store received. So far I am VERY disaoppointed in the game, I purchased it specifically to play in Linux and it crashes with a segmentation fault as soon as I try. (using Hercules 3D Prophet DDR, Nvidia 0.9-4 Xfree86 4.01 under Mandrake 7.0)Quake3 absolutely rocks on my system, whatsup with Terminus?

  3. Arc@deRooster Says:

    Actually looks like someone sat on my copy. What were they doing keeping it warm for me ;) Still got here (UK) pretty quick so.

    For all those frustarted at trying to get it to work do perservere. I got it running on my G400 DRI-enabled box and it is pretty swift. In fact the way it all looks and behaves I have to say it It’s very much Elite on steroids, just how it was supposed to be ;)

    Dogfighting is as tricky as it always supposed to be and the fun you can have spinning every which way and skidding around to pop a pirate is just Wheeeee! :)

    Only one thing bugs me so far (though it doesn’t _really_ effect gameplay) why can’t I roll :( Ah well.. ;)

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