More Terminus Patches

July 1st, 2000 by Crusader

A Talent For War updated to note that the version 1.4 (whichquickly followed v1.3) patches have been released for the new space simTerminus, developed byVicarious Visions. Changes (in 1.3 and 1.4):

  • Removed ability to create black ships in cosmetic detail screen
  • Restored the Ship Manager
  • Fixed disconnect while joining a multiplayer game
  • Fixed comm queue overflow when starting some games
  • Fixed one liner bug when ignoring player communications
  • Fixed comm interface update bug


Furthermore, there’s been some controversy over just which non-Linux-exclusive shipped firstwith multiple binaries in one box… although there’s been many contenders(Hopkins FBI,BFRIS,Krilo,Theocracy, and probably some I’m forgetting), I thinkit’s safe to say this is the most widely available retail game which includes Linux support with Win32/MacOS out of box. In any case… I’m of the opinion that it’s a rather silly thing to fight over, especiallyconsidering our tactical position of industry underdog. Let’s show some solidarity folks, ok?

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  1. jvmatthe Says:

    I can play the 1.1 version that comes on the CD, but every patch so far has broken it and I’ve ended up reverting to 1.1. :( From what I can tell, something was changed in either the sound or opengl renderer that makes it bomb out. With 1.3 or 1.4, I get no sound and the game fails to exit cleanly (and I have to restart X). Argh!

    P3/600E, Abit BH6, 128Mb RAM, SB 16, NVIDIA GF 32Mb SDR


  2. jerbell Says:

    I also have a SB 16 card and lose audio when I apply the patchs.

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