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June 30th, 2000 by Alkini

Matt Matthews has posted a preview of Loki Entertainment Software‘s next port: Soldier of Fortune, the secret military mission-oriented FPS based on the Quake II engine. The preview is based on Matt’s participation in the beta testing of SoF. In the preview, Matt states:

With its collection of relatively realistic weaponry (most are incendiary or projectile firearms), Soldier of Fortune reminds me a great deal of Action Quake 2. My observation has been that people either love or despise AQ2, and as one of the former, it is great to see AQ2-type action brought back to the masses. And while I do object to the level with which the violence in Soldier of Fortune is portrayed, I will admit to the guilty pleasure of enjoying SoF multiplayer.

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  1. jwalcik Says:

    does anyone have this working w/ xfree86 4.0? it runs unplayably slow (mouse movement, keyboard input, etc, not just framerate) on my athlon 700 w/ a GeForce2 and nvidia’s .93 xfree86 4 drivers…

  2. msimms Says:

    Soldier of fortune is available for pre-order at Tux Games. We guarentee we offer the best price online.

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