Terminus Shipping and Patches

June 28th, 2000 by Alkini has posted a press release from Vicarious Visions stating that the epic space combat RPG Terminus is now shipping. To order the game, go to Vicarious Visions’ Online Store.

As soon as you receive your copy of Terminus, you will want to patch it right away up to version 1.2. There is also a patch for the demo to bring it up to v1.2. These patches include:

  • Added GameRanger support
  • Fixed gauntlet docking bug
  • Added force software mixing option, snd_force_softmix, to work around bad soundcards

Terminus 1.2 patches:
Retail Version: TerminusLinuxRetailPatch12.tar.gz (600 KB)
3ddownloads Mirror
Demo Version: TerminusLinuxDemoPatch12.tar.gz (500 KB)
3ddownloads Mirror

On a slightly related note, has published an article on Vicarious Visions which focuses, of course, on Terminus and Terminus’ history and development. (Thanks to Linux Today)

NOTE from Crusader: This title is something of a milestone, in that A) this is the first non-Loki-published mainstream retail Linux game B) It’s the first title to include binaries for Linux and other supported platforms all in one retail box.

3 Responses to “Terminus Shipping and Patches”

  1. msimms Says:

    You can buy Terminus from Tux Games

  2. szopen Says:

    Note from Crusader is wrong. First game which had both binaries for Linuks and Windows out of box was Theocracy – and of course it wasn’t from Loki ;)

  3. Crusader Says:

    S’why I made that qualification mainstream… because AFAIK this is the most widespread-released title with multiple-OS binaries (previous Linux/Win/etc. games included Theocracy, Krilo, Hopkins FBI, and BFRIS).

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