Crystal Space 0.16r001

June 26th, 2000 by Crusader

Jorrit Tybergheinhas announced the release of the Crystal Space3D engine version 0.16 release 1:

This release corresponds to a CVS snapshot of 26 June 2000.Note that this Crystal Space is still beta. We don’t make any guaranteesabout anything. We have done some work to ensure that it should work butthere are obviously many known (and unknown) bugs.However, personally I’m feeling reasonably confident about the stateof this release. There should be no fundamental problems with it andmany people are actually using it already now for their projects.

We are planning to release a 1.0 release in three months or so. At leastfor important parts of CS (it is likely that we will not be able to haveevery feature of CS 1.0 ready).

Crystal Space is Open Source. More than 100 people have contributed inminor and major ways. I can always use more developers. So if you feel youhave something to add to Crystal Space then mailme.

Check out for more information and todownload the source. You can also view screenshots there. We are alsohosted on now (for CVS and mailing list).

Crystal Space 0.16r001 Download:

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