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June 26th, 2000 by Crusader
  • Loki has released the 4th beta of their Heroes of Might and Magic III map editor, which can be used to create custom maps forthe fantasy strategy game. It can be downloaded from:
  • Canada Computes has posted apreviewof Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri andit’s expansion pack, Alien Crossfire. The article, based on the beta builds of theCivilization-esque sim, gives an overview of the game’s setting and goals.
  • James Hills has produced another article for Gamespy,this one being an interviewwith Loki president Scott Draeker. The interview covers the growth of the Linux gamingmarket over the past year, OpenAL (includingthe revelation that Loki is working to establish a non-profit group to oversee the API),whether DirectX could succeed on Linux, Loki’s business system, and the requisite questionsabout the future of gaming under Linux.

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  1. el_c Says:

    Would occasionally crash so save often. Otherwise, worked great.
    Anyone know how to name towns? I saw it done in a few maps made with windows.

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