Warbirds III Coming to Linux

June 25th, 2000 by Crusader

iEntertainment has announced they’ve demonstrated a playable demo of their online flight simWarbirds III:

One of the key enhancements to WarBirds is the expansion of its operating system compatibility to include Linux inaddition to its existing compatibility with Apple’s MacIntosh OS and Microsoft’sWindows OS.

“The growing popularity and installed penetration of Linux makes it a natural addition to WarBirds,” says Jay Littman,Producer at iEntertainment Network. “WarBirds has consistently set the standard for flight simulator games, and we areexcited that it is the first combat flight simulator game to offer compatibility with the Linux OS.”

Unfortunately, no mention is made in the press release or on iEntertainment’s site as to when the demo willbe available for download… hopefully it’ll make an appearance shortly.

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