DarcNES dn9a0530

May 31st, 2000 by Alkini

Version dn9a0530 of the classic console system emulator DarcNES has been released. Changes since dn9a0305 include:

  • Fixed the SVGALib, and GTK versions
  • Added automatic dependancy support to the Makefile
  • Changed a couple headers to compile cleanly with a C++ compiler
  • Added support for expansion cards and the language card, and code to load more roms to the Apple ][ emulation
  • Added preliminary Apple ][ disk support
  • Fixed color on Apple ][ text mode
  • Added Apple ][ hires graphics mode
  • Added a first approximation of Apple ][ lores graphics mode
  • Added a new 6502 core
  • Made many improvements/fixes to the emu68k core
  • Fixed genesis memory access to mask down to 24 bit addresses
  • Fixed Apple ][ space bar key
  • Changed most NES mappers to not need to know how large the PRG ROM is
  • Cleaned up the NES sprite renderer slightly
  • Changed the video interface to not use procpointers

DarcNES source: dn9a0530.tgz

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