OpenGUI 2.22 and 2.31a

May 31st, 2000 by Alkini

Versions 2.22 and 3.31a of the OpenGUI graphics library have been released. Changes in version 2.22, the stable series, are:

  • some minor improvements
  • fixed bug in ~Window()

Changes in version 2.31a, the development series, include:

  • added feature – Alpha Blending
  • removed absolete methods:
  • added int DrawBuffer::set_clip_rect(x,y,width,height);
  • class FGShape removed with class DrawBuffer (as parents of the all)
  • added DrawBuffer::clip(int xs, int ys, int ws, int hs);
  • added DrawBuffer::clip(int xs, int ys, int ws, int hs, int xmin, int ymin, int xmax, int ymax);
  • added DrawBuffer::bitblit(int xdst, int ydst, int xsrc, int ysrc, int width, int height, DrawBuffer *src, int);
  • added struct FGRect { short x,y; unsigned short w,h; };
  • compile switch changed: -ggdb -> -g for smallest code results
  • added mtrr code to all linux makefiles
  • many other cleanups, re-implementations etc.
  • fixed bug in ~Window();

OpenGUI downloads:
2.21 source: STABLE.TGZ
2.31a source: OpenGUI.tgz

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