ClanMecha 0.1.3

May 30th, 2000 by Crusader

Neil Halelamien sent in a release announcement for ClanMecha 0.1.3, a ClanLib-based 2D platform shooter. Changes:

  • Revamped collision detection (again) by adding a DisplacementGrid,resulting in a fairly large performance boost
  • Slowed down the minimum frame time to compensate for the performanceboost resulting from the DisplacementGrid
  • Altered the SunderBlast to make only one sound at a time instead ofmultiple; hopefully this will prevent some crashes
  • Added a maximum mech velocity
  • Altered mech animation to make it actually stop when it should stop

Neil also states that he’s looking for additional developers to aid him with the project; if interested, e-mail him at

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