May 30th, 2000 by Crusader
  • Rust has posted a screenshot of Linux Q3Radiant, the Q3A level editor recently released with Loki’s port of the Q3SDK.
  • PlanetQ3F has launched; the site will be devoted to providing news, files, reviews, and tactics for Q3F, the team class-based mod for Quake 3: Arena.
  • Alain le Sage sent in a link to his HOWTO regarding the installation and configuration of NVIDIA’s drivers under Linux, including a list of common issues (and solutions) that may be encountered.
  • Erik Johansson sent in a transcription of relevant quotes from Tony Tamasi’s (of NVIDIA) audio interview withPlanet GeForce:
    “The entire driver architecture has been ported to linux.”

    “We can’t really OpenSource it in a traditional sence, because weco-developed it with SGI and VA-Linux, this is real OpenGL and notfakeGL […] there’s intellectual property that’s not ours, that wecan’t OpenSource.”

    “The reason you OpenSource the drivers are that you aren’t reallygoing to the drivers yourself.”

    “98% of the [the driver] code is the same [on Windows and Linux] […]that’s why we can afford supporting Linux.”

  • Patrick Mullen of The Duke of URL sent in a link to his Elsa Gladiac-GeForce 2 GTS Review which includes Linux benchmarks for the recently released 3D card.

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  1. Temporal Says:

    Regarding the transcription from the nVidia interview, there are a few more important quotes. My favorite is when he points out that all of the over 100 software engineers at nVidia are essentially working on the Linux drivers, since they use the same code base as the Windows ones. This is a definate advantage that wouldn’t be possible if they had used DRI. It also shows alot more direct support for Linux than any other graphics card company has shown. (As I understand it, ATI and Matrox are each paying for one PI engineer to work on Linux drivers.) Sure, I’d prefer open source drivers, but I’d rather have the strong Linux support nVidia is showing than the weak support shown by most companies.

  2. EvilBill Says:

    I will second what Temporal had to say in that I would prefer open source drivers but I am quite happy with the strong support nVidia is showing.

  3. Seeq Says:

    The excuse to not open source the driver because it has SGI intellectual property is suspect because SGI has open sourced openGL. I am sure that SGI who is opening lots of stuff, VA/Linux who believes in open source, and Nvidia could come to an agreement on opening the driver at anytime.

    Calling the openGL that grew out of MESA GL ‘fakeGL’ is kind of childish, especially since it will be able to pass the same qualification tests with time.

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