Wine 20000526

May 28th, 2000 by Crusader

The May 26th snapshot of WINE, the open implementation of various Windows APIs, has been released. The full changelog can be read here; Geoff Simmons wrote in to point out that among the listed changes for this release is the entry:

Added support for OpenGL

The WINE project allows several Win32 game titles to run under Linux that haven’t already been ported, some of which can be seen here (everyone spam Alkini so that he’ll update the thing ;)).

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  1. andz Says:


    anybody got OpenGL support working?

    I compiled wine with –enable-opengl, but the libs doesn’t seem to be compiled, eg. when I start a opengl app. it complains about missing opengl libs.

  2. BBrox Says:

    Ok, so the requirements are easy, it’s a Linux OpenGL ABI compliant OpenGL library (

    To summarize, it provides :

    – include files gl.h, glx.h and glext.h

    – a libGL defining all OpenGL v1.2 + the multitexture extension

    – a libGL defining the function used to query extensions (glXGetProcAddressARB).

    What is missing most often is ‘glext.h’ (you can find it either in XFree 4.0, Mesa 3.3beta or directly on SGI’s site).

  3. leonbrooks Says:

    Ummm… “prevent HalfLife from crashing when it frees three times the same rendering context” — I wonder how many other Windows bugs WINE will end up containing fixes for?

    (andz) – you need to have an OpenGL library set (usually Mesa3D) installed. Try or the website of your distribution if it’s not on your installation CD.

  4. andz Says:


    opengl support works now! glext.h was missing in the my mesa installation. So I used the headers from Xfree4.0.

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