More 3D Miscellany

May 26th, 2000 by Crusader
  • 3dfx has announced (thanks sCary) that the Voodoo 5 AGP cards which have already shipped are to be recalled for examination due to reports of a possible flaw. 3dfx has previously stated that the V5 Linux drivers will be available approximately one month after initial shipping.

  • Mark Allan sent in a link to an audio interview with NVIDIA’s Tony Tamasi, which includes clarification on why NVIDIA has chosen not to persue open Linux drivers.
  • Indrema issued a press release stating that their Linux-based console system will utilize a NVIDIA GPU for 3D graphics processing.
  • Zander wrote in requesting help in maintaining the Newbie Linux 3D Project; if interested, e-mail him at
  • John Carmack updated his .plan last week to comment on the summer blitz of offerings from 3D card manufacturers, including commentary on each company’s marketing claims and how they apply to real-world performance.
  • has posted Q3A benchmarks under Linux which include statistics for the VisionTek GeForce2 GTS (thanks

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