Q3A Editor for Linux

May 24th, 2000 by Alkini

Kayt Sorhaindo from Loki sent the following press release our way:

Loki Announces Quake III Arena Editor for Linux
Beta Version of Linux SDK Now Available

We proudly announce the beta release of Linux SDK for use with Quake III Arena.

The full version of Linux SDK will benefit Linux enthusiasts and aspiring game developers alike by allowing them to create maps and game code modifications under Linux. Windows users have had this capability since the release of the original Quake game.

Linux SDK offers Linux users a toolchain for content creation. It combines software for image processing, conversion and editing with a fully-featured map editor compatible with the Quake III engine. The features include custom texturing, lighting, patches, shaders, entities and more. It is based in part on the QERadiant code from id Software, Inc.

The beta software can now be downloaded from The README contains important information on system requirements and known issues.

This early test release is not supported, but we encourage users toreport bugs on our website at and to discussthe tools on

We also have a local copy of the file at

2 Responses to “Q3A Editor for Linux”

  1. number9 Says:

    OK, where’s the BeOS port of this software? =)

  2. msphil Says:

    It is *B*E*T*A* software, and does not currently work with nVidia’s XF86 4.0 drivers. Other than that, it works fairly well on reasonably sane setups =)

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