Tribes 2 Linux Client

May 24th, 2000 by Alkini

Bad_CRC wrote in with word that Dave Georgeson from Dynamix has posted a message to the Tribesplayers bulletin board confirming that a Linux client of the OpenAL-utilizing Starsiege: Tribes 2 will eventually be produced. Dave writes:

Warning: The Linux and Mac clients are going to be done AFTER we finish working on the PC version.

This does NOT mean that there will not be Linux and Mac clients. We actually want to do them a lot. We *will* work on them.

However, the PC version is the most important version for us and if time pressure causes issues, then the PC version will get the most attention.

This is merely a cautionary note to set expectations properly.

Dynamix had previously refused to commit to a client port, but this post seems to confirm plans, even if those plans are not priority at this time. However, I am still not sure what to think about hearing Motley Crue blaring from a Linux game.

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  1. MrBrown Says:

    Too bad they wont be released at once. But hey, this is better than no port. Now if blizzard would only start to realise that they should let loki port their games i can finally trash windows.

  2. Astro Says:

    the orignal tribes works fine under wine if you have a voodoo 3 or banshee card and turn off directinput but leave directsound on(if you have a ps2 mouse). To bad no one updates the wine success stories, homeworld and deltaforce2 also work perfectly.

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