QuakeForge newtree Project

May 23rd, 2000 by Crusader

Dan Olson of the QuakeForge project fired in the following yesterday:

For the past 2.5 weeks, some of the top QuakeForge developers have been workinghard on a project that we like to call “newtree”. As its name implies, it’s anew source tree. We decided that our current tree has many subtle bugs in itthat either still exist from the original source release or were created byour attempts to merge NetQuake and QuakeWorld. The focus of newtree was toeliminate these subtle bugs and make a more stable QuakeWorld server andclient. We determined last night that this tree was ready for public testing,so it is now available from the QuakeForge CVS server. Info on accessingQuakeForge CVS can be found at

Because of the focus on stability and bug fixing, newtree does not yet have allthe visual effects and enhancements of the normal QuakeForge CVS. Don’t fearthough, if you’ve been keeping up with QF cvs and are wondering what happenedto our rocket trails and other effects, you can be assured that they will makeit into newtree within the next few weeks.

QuakeForge is at

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