OpenGUI 2.21 and 2.30

May 20th, 2000 by Alkini

Versions 2.21 and 2.30 of the OpenGUI graphics library have been released. 2.21 is a continuation of the stable 2.2x series and changes include:

  • textto utility now reports a counts of all parsed lines
  • fixed drawto_line() bug
  • added moveto(int x, int y);
  • fixed bug with redundant ‘gpm’ restarts – please add ‘-R’ switch to startup GPM script in /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S??gpm to the line with ‘gpm’ but this action destroys X-windows mouse pointer
  • fixed some bugs for VESA FBDEV, because video mode change is unavailable

2.30 is a new version beginning the 2.3x development series. Changes include everything in the 2.21 series and:

  • new base object – class FGShape as parent of all graph primitives
  • added support for custom resolutions (e.g. 1152×864) via -geometry switch
  • added MTRR support for LINUX: 10%-15% speedup on K6-II processors
  • the variable ‘mmx’ has been renamed to ‘__fgl_mmx’
  • improvements to better FBDEV mode handling
OpenGUI downloads:
2.21 source: OpenGUI-2.20.tgz (despite the filename, this appears to be the 2.21 archive)
2.30 source: OpenGUI.tgz

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