PowerPak 2K0511

May 20th, 2000 by Alkini

Version 2K0511 of the PowerPak Game SDK has been released. Changes include:

  • The Makefiles now use libGL and libGLU instead of libMesaGL and libMesaGLU to be compatible with all OpenGL implementations
  • The functions PD_ScaleSurface(), PD_ScaleSurfaceBy(), PD_ScaleSurfacePart(), PD_ScaleSurfacePartBy(), PD_DrawSpriteScaled() and PD_DrawSpriteScaledBy() were added
  • There is now joystick support for all supported platforms, thanks to joystick support in SDL.
  • added the new joystick function, PI_SetJoystickHighValue(), to set the maximum value of a joystick’s axes
  • Apparently taking powerdraw.h from mpeg.h only worked on BeOS so it has been re-added

PowerPak source: PowerPak.tar.gz
PowerPak downloads:

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  1. AlexS Says:

    but i needed to disable “GLUT_ALPHA” first.
    Despite a few beta flaws in appearence of
    the SDK samples, 3D performance itself was
    pretty outragoues with the FireGL1.

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