xmame 0.37b2.2

May 20th, 2000 by Alkini

Version 0.37b2.2 of the multi-arcade/console machine emulator xmame has been released. Changes:

  • much cleaned up and rewritten keyboard support for svgalib, ggi, xgl, xfx, svgafx
  • Made the unicode support for X11 actually work (shift and altgr are now honered)
  • Corrected a small type in makefile.obj-xmess
  • Fixed the creation of tape images in xmess
  • Updated the romalizer script in contrib to v0.6

xmame source: xmame-0.37b2.2.tgz
patch: 0.37b2.1-0.37b2.2.diff.bz2

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