Loki Reviews

April 28th, 2000 by Alkini

There are four new reviews covering Loki‘s ports of Heavy Gear II and Eric’s Ultimate Solitaire.

  • Linux World‘s review Mech mania earns the pole review postition because of the subtitle: Heavy Gear II, from installation to mass destruction. It covers installation, mech controls, weapons, team play, graphics, and sound.
  • The HG2 review from Canux gets the second slot today just because I like Canada and they used the word “plethora” in the first paragraph. This review has some screenshots and and overview of the game. It also covers training missions, Instant Action mode, Campaign mode, and game controls. The review concludes giving HG2 an overall score of 7/10.
  • The third HG2 review comes from Tucows Linux. It covers the enimy AI, single player modes, mech options, and game control. This review gave a 5/5 score, just like every other Loki game they’re reviewed :)
  • The fourth and final review is from Maximum Linux and covers Eric’s Ultimate Solitaire. Since this is a print-only magazine you will have to pick up the April/May edition to check it out.

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