NVIDIA Driver Installation Help

April 27th, 2000 by Alkini

Nick Triantos from NVIDIA wrote in with some information regarding installation problems with the recently released video drivers. First off, they are trying to help people out with installation problems via IRC. To take advantage of this, join #nvidia on On top of that, Nick reports that there are about three main problems that users are commonly running in to:

  • If you see X errors when you run quake, remove the last piece of MesaGL from your system:
    mv /usr/X11R6/lib/ /usr/lib/
    ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/X11R6/lib/
  • If you are having compile problems building our kernel module, add the following to the DEFINES= line:
  • The last problem is people who see 0kb of video memory. Either it’speople who didn’t read the readme, or a problem that they are still debugging (via IRC).

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  1. Prian Says:

    : mv /usr/X11R6/lib/ : /usr/lib/
    : ln -s /usr/lib/ : /usr/X11R6/lib/
    Yep. THIS is it !!!
    Now Q3 works fine for me.
    I have a Epox-Board, Athlon 650 and Elsa ErazorX.

    Ciao Rob

  2. Eric V. Says:

    When I installed XFree86 4.0 it somehow filled up all of my Hard drive space and when I typed the “df” command it said that 100% of all of my partitions were full. I then found a core file that was were I installed XFree86 and deleted it and it freed up about 1.5GB of hard drive space.
    Also could anyone send me a XF86Config file that works with the new NVIDIA drivers becuase I can’t get a working XF86Config file.
    my email is

  3. emorize Says:

    After getting Xfree 4.0 and the Nvidia drivers to work properly I was able to run Q3 flawlessly, or at least I thought. The only problem I have noticed is that the brightness will not increase from the bare minimum. Is there a way to subvert this problem..?

  4. kwijibo Says:

    To get the new drivers to work you ned to make sure that you have either run the from the NVIDIA_kernel-0.9 tar or the install the NVIDIA_kernel-0.0 rpm. You will also need to install the NVIDIA_GLX stuff for GL. You also need to change the Driver from “nv” to “nvidia” in the XF86Config(in the Device section), I also uncommented the VideoRam line for shits and giggles(don’t know if it helped or not, might get rid of 0kb problem).

    To get the GL stuff workin you will probably need to uncomment the line Load “glx” in the Module section.

    Those are the only changes I made to my XFConfig except monkeying with my resolution options and refresh rates.

    Hope it helps.

  5. ywwg Says:

    Has anyone else gotten DGA mouse support to work in q3a? I have a firstmouse+ with the imps/2 protocol, and when I play q3a the cursor will only move down and right (positive values). To check to see if you are using DGA, check the value of in_dgamouse. I would be interested in talking with anyone who has no problems with in_dgamouse.

  6. richie123 Says:

    has anybody got UnrealTournament 413 to work? I have been hunting around for info, and found info for the matrox g400 but nvidia yet. But I got quake3 working after reading the FAQ at

  7. kefx Says:

    Make sure SDLGLDrv.ini in UnrealTournament/System has a line in it to point to /usr/lib/ I ran ldconfig, but UT did not run until I specified the path to

  8. Kashue Says:

    if you guys still need answers, as far as i know, the dga problem is with something broken in X4 and it will be resolved in 4.0.1. to fix the gamma, run XFree86 with a -gamma . if you use xinit you gotta go xinit — :0 -gamma 1.2 or something like that.

  9. Loon Says:

    Has anyone managed to get the mouse to work in Quake 2 with this driver? I can’t get the mouse to stay in the window. I’ve tried in_mouse 1 but it make’s no odds.

  10. root42 Says:

    I read in a newsgroup that in you BIOS you have to turn on the option “Assign VGA IRQ” to avoid the 0k problem. DonĀ“t know if it works (got an ATI Rage ;)

  11. Eric V. Says:

    I got the drivers to work now. Q3 works fine too.
    I can run Q3 at 1600×1200 with everything set at the max and it ran flawlesly, it runs very very fast. I just had to copy to and it worked fine.
    thesse drivers are very fast.

  12. Shaidar Says:

    Try typing /r_gamma in the console to change your brightness. You will probably need to restart the video, which crashes quake at the moment, but that worked for me. Hope this helps.

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