Wombat Games Announces Dark Zion

April 27th, 2000 by Alkini

Jason Spangler, president of Wombat Games, sent in the following press release:


Wombat Games, Inc.
5555 North Lamar Blvd Suite J103
Austin, TX 78751-1036

Contact: Jason Spangler, President
Phone: 512-451-7665

Wombat Games Announces Dark Zion, A Unique Online WorldBest-Selling Fantasy & Sci-Fi Writer Tad Williams Serves As CreativeConsultant

Austin, TX – April 26, 2000 – Wombat Games, Inc. today announced Dark Zion, amassively multiplayer online world in which players will have unprecedentedcontrol of their world compared with current online games.

Dark Zion is a player driven world: players will explore, build cities, createclans and governments, wage wars, breed insects, and discover the lost secretsof the world of Dark Zion as they create a story of their new civilization.

Tad Williams, New York Times and London Sunday Times best-selling author offantasy and science fiction, is serving as creative consultant on the project,contributing to the design, story, and overall feel of the world of Dark Zion.

In addition to Tad Williams, the development team includes Rick Delashmit,former lead programmer of Ultima Online (TM), Jason Spangler, former leadprogrammer of Ultima Online: The Second Age (TM), Todd McKimmey, formerdesigner from Ultima Online (TM), and Glenn Israel, artist from AlienIntelligence.

Dark Zion is currently in development at Wombat Games and will be releasedfor the Windows, Linux, and Macintosh platforms in the future. WombatGames is currently searching for a publisher or partner for Dark Zion.

Wombat Games will release parts of the game as open source, and has alreadyreleased one library as open source.

More information can be found on the Internet at and

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  1. msimms Says:

    I have been in contact with them for this, the release date is 18 months away.

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