Exile III: Ruined World

April 26th, 2000 by Crusader

Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software sent in the following press release regarding a new Linux RPG:

Exile III: Ruined World
A Fantasy Role-Playing Game for Linux

Spiderweb Software and proudly present Exile III: Ruined World!Exile III: Ruined World is an epic fantasy role-playing game for Linux,featuring a fascinating plot, detailed and enormous world, and an elegantgame system and interface.

The surface world is ruled by the Empire, and it has been as long as anyonecan remember. As long as you followed the rules and kept quiet, it was agood life. But stand out, not fit in, say the wrong thing, and thepunishment was swift, sure, and horrible. You were cast into Exile, a hugeseries of caverns far below the surface of the earth, there to live out therest of your days in misery.

Now, at last, an escape route from your underground prison has been found.You are the brave soul chosen to lead the first expedition to the surface.You hope to find a way for your people to return to the light of the sun.Instead, you find a ravaged world, rapidly being devoured by mysteriousplagues of monsters. You will have to act quickly. If not, the underworldwill be the only place left where humans can live.

What makes Exile III exceptional? Well, it features …

  • Involving, intricate plot, with 200000 words of story!
  • An enormous, changing world. Do nothing, and things evolve around you.Refugees move from town to town. Villages will be destroyed. Characters willdie. Monsters will gain territory.
  • Detailed, open ended system. Don’t want to go on adventures? Do odd jobs.Save up and buy a house. Go on one of dozens of side missions. Explore anenormous outdoors with well over a hundred dungeons and towns. Just gothrough people’s houses and rummage through their stuff!
  • Pleasing, professionally done graphics and sound.
  • Carefully designed interface, with comprehensive online help, adventurejournals, and design with an eye towards enabling you to do everything withthe minimum amount of fuss.

Although Exile III is a sequel to the award-winning shareware games Exile Iand II, it is designed to be completely playable as a stand-alone game, withabsolutely no experience with previous Exile games required.

Exile 3 for Linux requires glibc 2.1 or later to run. This translates tohaving Redhat Linux 6.0 or later, or a similiar version of Linux. Exile 3for Linux will be released Spring, 2000. You can find more information at

Contact: Spiderweb Software, PO Box 85659, Seattle WA 98145,
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