Beta XFree86 4.0 Drivers for NVIDIA Cards

April 25th, 2000 by

NVIDIA has released their long-awaited drivers for XFree86 4.0. These drivers promise performance far beyond previous drivers for NVIDIA cards. Finally, Linux users with TNT, TNT2, and GeForce cards should be able to take full advantage of their hardware. Among other features, these drivers support full 32-bit rendering, S3 texture compression, and the GPU on the GeForce cards.

You can grab them at

Look for an article on the performance of these drivers on here on LinuxGames very, very soon. (Note from AlKini – the article is up at

14 Responses to “Beta XFree86 4.0 Drivers for NVIDIA Cards”

  1. droo Says:

    First Daikatana goes gold, now this. What comes next?

  2. JEDiKNiTE Says:

    nvidia’s site is SLOW

  3. _foreskin Says:

    I’ve got the source tarballs available at – feel free to leech. _foreskin

  4. Hairu Says:

    Praise Jah!!

    Now I can finally do some serious OpenGL development with hardware acceleration.

  5. AgentGray Says:

    Has anyone tried them yet with HG2-L?

  6. muskr Says:

    Has anyone had any luck compiling the kernel module?

    I FINALLY Got the kernel module to comile with:
    “make SYSINCLUDE=/usr/src/linux/include/”

  7. helo Says:

    no luck even with that here… i’m using 2.3.99-pre5, and i get tons of warnings and errors when trying to compile. i tried downgrading my kernel to 2.2.14 and it still wouldn’t compile.

    would be helpful if there was a compilation problems section in the faq…

  8. weisserw Says:

    …at least, they crash my system in a real hurry. Bleh.

  9. Kashue Says:

    had no complications whatsoever with kernel 2.2.14. i am however having some problems getting quake3 to run… the game itself runs, but when you try to load a map it drops back to X with some weird glx errors.

  10. zergu Says:

    are you shure about s3tc? I get the following from quake3:

    Initializing OpenGL extensions
    …GL_S3_s3tc not found

    this is only for GeForce? I don’t think so.

  11. jvmatthe Says:

    From the driver writer himself:
    “S3TC is in there; Quake should report it as being on use (type /gfxinfo and look for whether compressed textures are enabled or not)”

    Believe me now? :^) Anyway, if it’s not working, then that sounds like a bug or a configuration error.


  12. the_germ Says:

    I’ve had compilation problems on 2.2.14 and therefore made a patch that fixes it. Feel free to grab it at:
    It’s not very clean, but should work ;-)

    The Germ

  13. Martijn Says:

    I got this module running Unreal Tournament, but Framerate varies too much.

    Anyone the same experience/solution?

  14. muskr Says:

    I get a WHOLE LOT of unresolved symbol messages when I try to modprobe the NVdriver. Anyone know what I need to compile into my kernel?

    unresolved symbol pcibios_write_config_word_R4f1c2e33
    unresolved symbol mem_map_Rebffc94f
    unresolved symbol kfree_R037a0cba

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