3D Chipset Wars

April 25th, 2000 by Crusader

This summer looks like it’s going to be an interesting slug match between the 3D industry’s heavy hitters:

  • Several people wrote in to note that ATI has announced the specifications for their next-generation chipset, the Radeon 256 graphics processor. The press release states Radeon will sport 30 million transistors and supports up to 128 megs of 200 MHz DDR memory. Furthermore, Linux support at or soon after shipping is hinted at:
    RADEON 256 provides industry-leading accelerated support for all major graphics APIs, including DirectX 7 and OpenGL 1.2, as well as all major operating systems including Windows, Linux and MAC.

  • The Shack updated with word that Matrox has announced details regarding their upcoming G450 chipset, which is an enhanced version of the previous G400 line.

Both ATI and Matrox current-generation cards (the Rage Pro and G400) are supported under Linux with open-source drivers developed by the Utah-GLX team.

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