Blizzard/Sierra Porting Project?

April 24th, 2000 by Crusader

Olivier Cahagne wrote in with some rather fascinating news: Havas Interactive posted to Da Linux French Page’s job section to request the aid of a Linux programmer:

Nous recherchons un developpeur ayant une bonne connaissance du monde de Linux en vue de terminer le portage d’un jeu video sous Linux. Il devra surtout s’attacher à produire des librairies graphiques et sonores succeptibles de marcher avec la plupart des distributions de Linux.

In English (please let me know if there’s anything inaccurate about the translation):

We’re looking for a developer having a good knowledge of Linux, in orderto finish porting a video game on Linux. He’ll first have to produce graphicand sound libraries that would work on most Linux distributions.

Havas Interactive produces educational and entertainment software through several divisions, which include the powerhouses of Sierra On-Line (publishers of Tribes 2 and Team Fortress 2), and Blizzard (developers of Diablo 2 and Warcraft III). Now, it’s quite possible this position was created to aid the Tribes 2 Linux port currently in development, or to work on a port of a Knowledge Adventure edutainment title, so don’t start salivating at the prospect of Diablo 2 on Linux quite yet :).

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  1. wolruf Says:


    I just mailed the guy who posted the job request, asking him what games/educational titles were to be ported on Linux with this development; he answered me this way (english translation follows):

    “Désolé, mais il s’agit là d’informations confidentielles tant que nous
    n’avons pas fait d’annonce officielle. Je vous invite à suivre les
    informations officielles (dans les mois à venir, pour l’instant aucune
    annonce linux n’a été faite à ma connaissance) sur notre site <> .”

    Sorry, but these are confidential informations as long as we didn’t announce an official statement. I invite you to look at the official news (for the following months, no linux announce has been made, as far as I know) on our site

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