Heavy Gear 2 News Network Closes

April 24th, 2000 by Crusader

Nathaniel “AgentGray” Kealen updated the Heavy Gear 2 News Network site to announce he is shutting down the site. Kealen’s update includes a history of his involvement with the Heavy Gear 2 community, and concludes with his thoughts on recent HG2 developments:

What now? Well, there’s only a few die-hard gamers left. It probably doesn’t even total five hundred. Granted this may be inaccurate becase I’m going byonline presence. How many people out there just play the single-player game? some life has been brought back into it with Loki’s Linux release of the game(which is great by the way). Some of the minor bugs were fixed like the missle lock sound, and I find the game to run a lot smoother on my Linux box than itdoes on the Windows machine. I’m sorry to close this site when the game is starting to gain popularity in the Linux community. (Oh, and the winners will stillreceive their copy from Loki. You guys should be expecting that soon.)

However, Kealen has also included several links to other HG2 resources on the net, including:

If anyone is interested in creating a replacement HG2 site, particularly with regards to supporting and reporting on the new Linux version, feel free to contact me.

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