Limited Edition of Terminus

April 22nd, 2000 by Crusader

Shodan of Station Terminus sent in the following news:

Vicarious Visions, the developers of the soon to be releasedspace-sim/rpg Terminus, are allowing 100 people a chance to get alimited edition copy of Terminus. Each copy will be numbered and willcome with poster signed by the development team.

In order to get this limited edition copy you must with your name and email address. Then go tothe Vicarious Visions Online Store( ) and pre-orderTerminus. Once the limit of 100 entries has been reached, the list willbe sent to Vicarious Visions who will then send the limited editionboxes to the pre-orders matching the information on the list.

*It is imperative that the information you send be identical to that which you use to pre-orderTerminus.*

There are currently 62 spots left so hurry up and enter, then gopre-order!

2 Responses to “Limited Edition of Terminus”

  1. JSIcecold Says:

    Hmmm, sounds dodgy, there was 62 spots left 2 hours ago, and i assume the same amount will remain tommorow…

  2. dgwatson Says:

    Get a ton of people to buy the game sight unseen…

    I’m going to wait until I read at least one review… THEN rush out and buy it ;).

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